Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia
A tiger at Taman Safari Indonesia
Taman Safari Indonesia
A tiger at Taman Safari Indonesia

If you are a true animal lover, then you should add Taman Safari Indonesia to your itinerary. Located in the cool area of Cisarua, Puncak Bogor, this Indonesia’s first safari park allows visitors to see wildlife from the closest distance. Unlike in a zoo where animals are kept in the cage, animals are roaming freely in this place.

It is easy to reach Taman Safari Indonesia from Bogor or Jakarta. After exiting Jagorawi toll road at Gadog or Ciawi toll gate, follow the ascending road to the peak. Turn right when you encounter a T-intersection marked with several statues of animals at the right side of the road. From this intersection, you will arrive at the safari park in about 10 minutes.

The entrance fee for domestic tourists is 60,000 rupiahs, while the entrance fee for foreign tourists is higher at Rp100,000  (around $10). If you bring your own car then you must pay an additional fee of Rp15,000.  In my opinion, the cost is cheap compared to what Taman Safari Indonesia has to offer.

After passing the gate, first you will arrive at herbivores area where you will see plant eating animals such as elephants, giraffes, camels, zebras, etc. The facility forbids feeding the animals, although you may see some visitors disobey this rule and try to feed the animals with carrots they bought on the road to the entrance gate. In this area, it is still safe to open the windows of your vehicle to breathe the fresh air while observing the animals.

When you reach the carnivores area, this is where the fun really begins. Lions, bears, leopards and other fierce animals are waiting for you here. It is strictly forbidden to open the windows or stop your vehicle in this area. Of course, if you arrive here when the animals have just been fed, they will show no interest to the passing vehicles. But the state of being in the middle of these savage animals  will still be a thrilling adventure experience.

The fun doesn’t stop after the safari tour ends. You will arrive at amusement park zone where you can rest and eat at the food court. There will be  jet coaster, merry go round, giant wheel, sky lift, ghost house, giant wheel, pony rides, and many more attractions. Each attraction costs Rp10,000, with the exception of sky lift, which costs Rp40,000.

Taman Safari Indonesia has also additional allurements to attract tourists.  There is a night safari tour every Saturday night that gives you an excellent opportunity to observe the wildlife at night. Safari Trek is a challenging activity in which you walk through the safari jungle on a special route. Recently, the facility has just opened a water park, similar to The Jungle Bogor. Besides the usual water attractions, this water park has a unique attraction “Swimming with Crocodiles” that offers visitors an opportunity to swim with the crocodiles.

Reference: http://www.tamansafari.com/


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