Puncak Bogor

Puncak Bogor
Image: wikimedia.org
Puncak Bogor
Image: wikimedia.org

Puncak is an Indonesian word that means the highest point of a hill or a summit. In this context, Puncak is the name of a mountainous area in the southeastern part of Bogor Regency. Elevated at about 1500m, this area has cool temperatures which makes it a popular resort destination for tourists.

Although Puncak literally means the peak, locals usually associate Puncak with a vast area that stretches from Cipayung Bogor to Cipanas in Cianjur Regency. The peak itself is located near the boundary between Bogor and Cianjur. On a side note, Cianjur is the name of a regency known as the center of rice production in West Java.

To reach Puncak from Bogor or Jakarta, take the Jagorawi toll road then follow the road signs that lead to Ciawi. There are two toll exits in Ciawi, one leads to Bogor – Sukabumi intersection, and another leads directly to Gadog. Head to Gadog exit, then you are on your way to Puncak area. If you come here on weekends, be prepared for the traffic congestion caused by a high volume of vehicles coming from Jakarta.

Once you reach the peak, stop by and enjoy the magnificent view of the green terrain, covered by vast tea plantations. This wonderful scenery as well as the clean, fresh air will undoubtedly revitalize your spirit and brighten up your day. This stress-relieving view is the reason why so many people from Jakarta coming here during weekends. There are also several restaurants nearby the peak area which offer fantastic dining experience, while enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

Besides the peak view, Puncak also has other attractions. One of the most famous tourist spots is Taman Safari Indonesia. It is a safari park where, unlike a zoo, animals are roaming freely within the precincts. You can drive in your own vehicles or ride in buses provided by the facility to observe various wildlife species from around the world. Aside from the safari park, Taman Safari also has an amusement park with jet coaster, sky lift, giant wheel and the likes.

Another attraction worth visiting in Puncak is Gunung Mas Tea Plantation. This government-owned tea estate is popular among tourists as a great spot to take a walk through the tea fields and perform outdoor activities. Recently, the facility also offer a unique tourism feature, a homestay with one of the families who live and work at the tea plantation.

Accommodation is not an issue in Puncak. There are so many villas that you can rent to spend a night or two in this area. For those who prefer luxury, several resort hotels equipped with complete facilities are also available here. Whichever you choose, you will find the trip to Puncak fascinating and refreshing.


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