Puncak Bogor

Puncak Bogor

Puncak is an Indonesian word that means the highest point of a hill or a summit. In this context, Puncak is the name of a mountainous area in the southeastern part of Bogor Regency. Elevated at about 1500m, this area has cool temperatures which makes it a popular resort destination for tourists.

Bogor Botanical Garden

Founded during the Dutch occupation in 1817, Bogor Botanical Garden started as a research and conservation of various plant species in Indonesia. Now the garden has also become the main outdoor attraction of Bogor and plays an important role in providing large recreational area for local residents and many passing tourists.

Botani Square Mall

With big names such as Giant Hypermarket, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, BreadTalk, Celebrity Fitness and many more, Botani Square has become one of the main places for shopping and hanging out in Bogor.