Gede Pangrango National Park

Gede Pangrango

Gede PangrangoThe name Gede Pangrango is actually composed of the names of two twin volcanoes, Mount Gede (2,958 m) and Mount Pangrango (3019 m), which are located about 100 km south of Jakarta. The area comprising the two volcanoes was declared as National Park  by Agriculture Minister on March 6, 1980 and became one of the first five national parks in Indonesia.

When Gunung Gede Pangrango was declared as National Park in 1980, it covered an area of 15,196 ha. In 2003, the Ministry of of Forestry issued a decree expanding the park to include production forest and nearby protection forest making the total area of 21,975 ha.

This national park is formed by sub-alpine natural forest which is rich in biodiversity.  Besides sub-alpine ecosystem, it also represents a distinct diversity of ecosystems: a montane ecosystem, a sub-montane ecosystem,  a marshland ecosystem, a lake ecosystem and a savanna ecosystem. The sub-alpine ecosystem is characterized by grassy meadows of Isachne pangerangensis, edelweiss flower (Anaphalis javanica), sentigi (Vaccinium varingiaefolium) and violet (Viola pilosa). Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park is also a refuge of endangered species such as Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch), panther (Panthera pardus), Asian wild dog (Cuon alpinus javanicus) and Red Frog.

Mountain Climbing

The two active volcanoes are central to the value of the national park. It takes about 12-hour hike to reach the summit of each volcano. Although it is possible to hike on one-day trip, it is recommended to take two-day trip.  From January to March and on August, the mountains are closed are closed for climbing because of bad weather condition and for recovering vegetation. All hikers are required to ask a permission from the park office before climbing and be accompanied by local guide to ensure safety and ecosystem conservation.

The fee for climbing is Rp20,000 per person, per day plus Rp 2,000 as insurance fee.

Camping Site

Besides mountain climbing, the national park also provide three camping sites for tourist: Bobojong in Gunung Putri Cianjur, Cipelang Pondok Halimun in Selabintana and Baru Bolang in Cisarua Bogor. Next to the park’s border in Situgunung Sukabumi there is a 5-star camping site managed by Rakata Adventure, partner of the national park.

For further information you should contact Sarif Hidayat, National Park staff, at (+62)856-5955-2221. If you are interested to camp at the 5-star camping site, you should contact Rakata Adventure at (+62)21-724-3252.

Getting Here

If you drive from Jakarta, take the Jagorawi toll road to Ciawi and exit at Gadog. Take Puncak – Bandung direction, after 7.6 km from Puncak Pass, turn right at the T-junction after “Outlet DSE”, when you see Gede Pangrango National Park sign on your left. After turning right, go straight for about 3 km and you will reach the Cibodas Gate. The entrance fee for automobile is Rp 3,000 and Rp 1,000 for each person. Enter the gate, go straight and the national park office is on your right.

Address Information

Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango [National Park]
Jl. Raya Cibodas, Cipanas, Cianjur, Jawa Barat, Indonesia 43253

Tel/ Fax: +62-263-512776 [office]

Tel/ Fax: +62-263-519415 [booking]


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