Curug Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka
Curug Nangka

Curug Nangka or Nangka Waterfall is a famous waterfall located at the base of Mount Salak. It is about one hour’s travel from Bogor. You can reach the place using a public transport (angkot) with Ciapus route from Bogor Trade Mall. Parking lot is also available  for those who bring their own vehicles.

The entrance ticket is very cheap, only 4,000 rupiahs. This ticket allows you to see Curug Nangka and two other waterfalls in the area, Curug Daun and Curug Kawung. There’s also a camping ground for nature lovers and anyone who wants to spend the night in the middle of  the pine forest.

Although the Nangka waterfall is situated not too far from the entrance, the location is rather hidden. If you are new to this place, you may miss the spot and arrive at Curug Kawung waterfall instead.

The path to the top of Nangka waterfall is quite easy, even for children. But you must be careful if you want to go to the base, where you can get the best view.  Besides having to walk down the steep cliff, you must also make sure the weather is sunny. Why ? Because the base of Nangka waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs with only one way out, which is quite dangerous if heavy rain comes and flood the river.

Once you get to the base, enjoy the beautiful view of Curug Nangka that will soothe your eyes and mind. The sensation of being in a narrow place  surrounded by high, steep cliffs is also a great thing to experience.



  1. I’m looking forward to go there. If u don’t mind, would u like to tell me the way to visit Curug Nangka Waterfalls? For u to know, I live in Depok west Java. Thaks for helping me to show the way.

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