Tajur Bogor

image: www.rumahbogor.com

Tajur is the name of a street in Bogor that is famous to visitors as the handbag center.  It is indeed the place where you can buy leather products such as handbags, shoes, wallets, belts and other accessories.

Tajur is easily reached. If you come from Jakarta through Jagorawi toll road, just turn left after exiting Baranang Siang toll gate and follow Pajajaran road. When you see a big mall,  Ekalokasari Plaza,  just continue in the same direction and soon you will enter Tajur.

Once you get there, find a comfortable parking spot then walk from one shop to another to find the products that suit your style and needs. If you’re looking for souvenirs to bring home, Tajur is the right place to buy ones.