Situ Gede Bogor

Situ Gede

Situ Gede is a freshwater lake located not very far from downtown Bogor. The word situ or setu means lake in local language. If you have traveled to other parts of West Java, you may also know that there’s another lake with the same in Tasikmalaya, a city in southeastern West Java. Compared to the one in Tasikmalaya, Situ Gede Bogor is smaller but still offers a relaxing view of the surrounding forest where you can walk around and breathe the fresh air.

If you use public transportation, you can get here by using TransPakuan bus that goes to Bubulak Station. You can ride this bus from Cidangiang shelter, which is near Botani Square Mall.  After reaching Bubulak Station, switch to angkot (public minivan) number 15 and tell the driver that you are heading to Situ Gede.

After getting there, you can spend your time walking around the surrounding forest while enjoying the view of the lake. The forest is called Dramaga Research Forest, which is owned by Forestry Ministry of Indonesia. Besides Bogor Botanical Garden, this forest is also a good place for visitors who like to tour a forest and observe the collection of vegetation. CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) has its headquarter inside this forest.

Do you like fishing? Don’t forget to bring your fishing equipment, find a less crowded side of the lake and throw your fishing pole from there. If you’d like to explore the lake a bit more, boats are available for hire. Hope you enjoy your visit to Situ Gede!