Dedaunan Cafe is a restaurant located in the middle of Bogor Botanical Garden. It is a perfect spot to give your legs a rest after spending hours of walking through the garden. Spoil yourself by sipping hot beverage while viewing the lush scenery from the coziness of this restaurant.

Indonesian and international dishes are served here. One of the special menu is Rijsttafel. Although it has a Dutch name, this menu actually has an Indonesian origin. It consists of rice and many side dishes commonly found in the Indonesian feast.

Another special is Balinese Rice, a traditional cuisine from Bali, which consists of rice, spicy chicken, grilled fish, jackfruit stew and vegetables. It is served in a traditional container made of rattan covered by banana leaves.

For dessert, you should try poffertjes, a traditional Dutch sweet dumpling made of batter. Served with powdered sugar, this treat has fluffy texture that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

As the one and only restaurant inside the botanical garden, Dedaunan Cafe offers a unique and romantic dining experience that you won’t find in any other places in Bogor.