Restaurants in Bogor

Cimory Resto

Cimory Resto, located in Cisarua, Puncak Bogor, is a family restaurant where you can relish delicious food in the middle of beautiful mountain scenery and cool, fresh air.

Dedaunan Cafe

Dedaunan Cafe is a restaurant located in the middle of Bogor Botanical Garden. It is a perfect spot to give your legs a rest after spending hours of walking through the garden. Spoil yourself by sipping hot beverage while viewing the lush scenery from the coziness of this restaurant.

PIA Apple Pie

PIA apple pie is a small restaurant located on Jalan Pangrango, opposite of Kedai Kita restaurant. As you can infer from the name, apple pie is the special menu of this place. The apple pie is so famous that many visitors from Jakarta and other cities come to Bogor to buy apple pies from this homey restaurant.

Kedai Kita

Kedai Kita is a family restaurant in Bogor that serves Indonesian food, Chinese food, and international cuisines.