Sun Go Kong

Sun Go Kong (The Monkey King) also participated in Cap Go Meh festival

Cap Go Meh is an annual event held on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year.  This street festival marks the first full moon after New Year, which is regarded as the end of Chinese New Year (Imlek) celebration period.

In Indonesia, this celebration and all Chinese cultural events were banned during Suharto’ s regime. But when Abdurrahman Wahid became president, he revoked the ban and declared Chinese New Year a national holiday. It was during his time Chinese culture began to flourish again in this country.

Bogor residents of Chinese descent celebrated this year’s Cap Go Meh by staging a parade featuring Liong (dragon dance), Barongsai (lion dance), Onthel (vintage bicycles) and also Sun Go Kong, a famous character from Chinese epic novel Journey to the West. Because the theme of this festival is unity in cultural diversity, there were also local (Sundanese) art performances, such as rengkong and pencak silat.

Cap Go Meh parade began in the evening in front of the main gate of Bogor Botanical Garden, near Dhanagun Monastery. Then the participants walked through Jalan Suryakencana and Jalan Siliwangi which were closed to vehicles during the festival. After reaching Budha Senna monastery on Jalan Siliwangi, they headed back to Dhanagun Monastery. The parade ended around midnight in front of Dhanagun Monastery.

Cap Go Meh festival is fully supported by the local government and has become one of important tourism events in Bogor.

Photo Credit: amadarum

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