Botani Square Mall

Botani Square Mall Bogor
Botani Square Mall Bogor
Botani Square Mall Bogor

This strategically located building lies just beside Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) campus on Jalan Pajajaran. Founded in 2006, this relatively new shopping mall attracts thousands of visitors each day. With big names such as Giant Hypermarket, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, BreadTalk, Celebrity Fitness and many more, Botani Square has become one of the main places for shopping and hanging out in Bogor.

Botani Square was built on the land owned by IPB. Before the construction of the mall, the area is used for campus buildings. When IPB planned to commercialize the land, many parties, mostly students, did not agree with the idea. But after the mall was established, the previous disagreement somehow disappeared and was never heard of anymore.

Targeting middle-upper class visitors, this mall offers spacious parking lot on the surface and two-storey parking garage adjoining the main building. On weekends, however, this large parking area is packed with vehicles so you may have difficulties in finding a convenient parking spot that is close to the shopping area.

The interior of the mall has a modern look, but simple and easy to navigate.  There is no elevator for passengers, escalators are the only way to move between floors. But it shouldn’t be a problem, because Botani Square has only three floors and one basement, with the top most floor mainly comprised of cinema and fitness area.

Whether you have a need for shopping or just want to relax and browse the internet through the available hotspot, Botani Square is the place you must see while visiting Bogor.



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