Situ Gede Bogor

Situ Gede is a freshwater lake located not very far from downtown Bogor. The word situ or setu means lake in local language. If you have traveled to other parts of West Java, […]

Cultural Events

Bogor Craft 2010

Bogor Craft is an annual handicraft exhibition held to commemorate the anniversary of Bogor on 3rd of June. This year’s event was opened by Mayor of Bogor, Diani Budiarto, on last Friday, May 21, 2010.

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Bogor Travel Guide – Now with Google Maps

I have just integrated Google Maps into Bogor Travel Guide. Now every post that talks about a place of interest will contain the map of the location.


Cimory Resto

Cimory Resto, located in Cisarua, Puncak Bogor, is a family restaurant where you can relish delicious food in the middle of beautiful mountain scenery and cool, fresh air.


Gede Pangrango National Park

The name Gede Pangrango is actually composed of the names of two twin volcanoes, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango, which are located about 100 km south of Jakarta. The area comprising the two volcanoes was declared as National Park by Agriculture Minister in 1980 and became one of the first five national parks in Indonesia.


Bogor Trade Mall

Bogor Trade Mall (BTM) is a large shopping mall located at Jalan Juanda no. 68. It is in walkable distance from the main gate of Bogor Botanical Garden. This strategic location is one of the reason why this mall is very popular and can get very crowded especially in the weekends.


Curug Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka or Nangka Waterfall is a famous waterfall located at the base of Mount Salak. It is about one hour’s travel from Bogor. You can reach the place using a public transport (angkot) with Ciapus route from Bogor Trade Mall.

Cultural Events

Cap Go Meh Festival

Cap Go Meh is an annual event held on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. This street festival marks the first full moon after New Year, which is regarded as the end of Chinese New Year (Imlek) celebration period.

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Dedaunan Cafe

Dedaunan Cafe is a restaurant located in the middle of Bogor Botanical Garden. It is a perfect spot to give your legs a rest after spending hours of walking through the garden. Spoil yourself by sipping hot beverage while viewing the lush scenery from the coziness of this restaurant.